[wap/mobile/]m.bdnews24.com [Jan, 2007 - Jan, 2013]

bdnews24.com mobile version [Jan,2007-Jan,2013] used to be the first bilingual mobile news site in bangladesh and first dynamic mobile site in bangla across the globe; that has been solely developed and designed by Yasir Riad on Jan, 2007 which was readable from any device. It has been specially developed and designed for mobile device. It has created a milestone for Bengali mobile internet users before smart phone generation took place in market. The concept was first implemented by Yasir to show the dynamic bangla text content throuh images as mobile phones did not support Unicode at that time. Thus the mobile version website was available by any device. So this special application brought bdnews24.com exclusive and enormous amount of traffic that contemporaries did not able to get during that period of time from mobile version / devices.

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