bdnews24.comĀ [Feb, 2005(birth) - Jan, 2013]

Ahmed Yasir Riad is a Founding Member and the Solo Developer of Bangladesh's first bilingual online news site - [Feb, 2005(birth) - Jan, 2013] - A fully custom and top ranked website in Bangladesh as well as in the world, World's first dynamic site for mobile devices in bangla and some sub sites of

The last design that yasir implemented on his system with some new features which was launched on the anniversary on Oct 23,2008. After some failed attempts to migrate the system in Joomla(2008),Drupal(2009) and wordpress(2010) by several companies and individuals, management wanted yasir to implement the new look design in yasir's existing custom system (won over joomla,drupal,wordpress) for the anniversary. Over the time this system proved to be the best ever run on.

This site is extensively customized and optimized in application level to handle high traffic. On 2011 during it's anniversary with minimal hosting resource and services (compared to traffic) the site was bangladesh's No.1 website according to alexa ranking. celebrated the anniversary with this success.

This is the first site of bdnews24 launched on Feb, 2005. The company formed in the mid of 2004. In the journalism department there was no big difference or challenge between print and online/internet based media. The only challenge was to develop a 24/7 fully custom news website and news management system at that time in 2004. Although the Design of the website was ready but the management was suffering/failed to develop a news CMS and website with several companies and individuals. In six months they didn't find a ready-made solution and also could not develop a customized system either. Finally Yasir was requested to develop the website for them. This screen shot is yasir's modified version of initial design. The total System is solely developed by Yasir in a week. The system is fully custom coded, optimized, smartly-coded and the first time ever a dynamic custom bilingual 24/7 news website in Bangladesh. the site was fully featured with categorized news, images, photo gallery, content archive, members login etc.

After 1.5 year when the new management took over the company they also took yasir's code of existing site. But their team failed to develop a new website for them even taking the code of existing site. Finally They also came to Yasir with their website prototype (image) and Yasir develop a new custom news website and system for them in 4 days.

As is an internet based company and the website is the soul, so it is literally evident that without Yasir's contribution the birth of the website and the existence of the company was uncertain under both management.

Yasir gave the birth of website twice as it's solo developer under different management and also relaunched the site several times with different functionalities and features.

The pioneer developer of this type of real custom website in Bangladesh as a trend setter that made impact to the contemporaries and new comers.